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east of lost

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East of Lost // OUTERWEAR AND OTHER THRILeast_of_lost_0

Is a fashion label rooted in current youth culture. It is established on the idea that it is the youth’s direction and concurrent confusion that dictates fashion, music, art, and culture. Every collection is based on a facet of this sentiment. The upcoming collection, Millenial Fancies, focuses on life in the Digital Age.east_of_lost3

It is a brand that is outerwear heavy but does not limit itself to it. It can’t be labeled as any one thing as its randomness is part of its youthful spirit and sense of rebellious freedom. Created for girls that naturally gravitate towards statement pieces, the label is comprised of unconventional silhouettes with a cosmic yet western vibe simultaneously.


It is leather loaded with a few touches of hand-made, Mexican artisan work. It is fronted by Patricia Gárate who was born in Mexico City but grew up in Miami, studied at Parsons in New York, and ended up spending some time in LA and London. Her ever changing locations embody this child-like and spontaneous approach to decision making upon which the brand is built. After all, it is called East of Lost because it alludes to the tangling of our youth, but how, even so, there is still some direction within the disorientation. For better or worse, it is the youth that leads the way.

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