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Fabulously glamorous outsiders


Fabulously glamorous outsiders


The GCDS campaign for Spring Summer 18 is at once a celebration of all the friends and memes GCDS created during the past seasons, as well as a new landscape to the celebration of the outsiders.

LA based director and photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is the perfect match with the GCDS world, Ironic and fresh the Video for SS18 is the perfect tool to create a splatter momentum where the stars Pamela Anderson dies on screen for the first time, surrounded by the many cameos such as – Brooke Candy, Leo Mandella, Caroline Vreeland, Lily Summer.

Each characters represent a vicious of the modern time, taking us to the final act, the video is a statement of how violence should stay only in movie. The narrative tells about a grotesque place where everyone is fab their own way and the patriarch of the entire group is an old lady with a receding hairline that turns into a murderer when she feel de-throned in her own house.

Director’s note – Nadia lee Cohen

When viewing the GCDS collection it suggested the wearer of these clothes would be rebellious, sexy and unafraid.

Therefore, the film reflects this. It’s likely it won’t be a particularly easy watch for the average viewer (or your mum); but for me, it portrays an incredible sense of freedom represented through the characters and storyline.

These inhabitants are free of the general niceties of socialization and have no inhibitions about how they want to express themselves.

I owe it to GCDS and Giuliano for allowing me the creative freedom to run wild with the script and characters; I was able to create this hedonistic world of fabulously glamorous outsiders.

The extremity of the looks was imperative to the story – there are some recognizable faces in there; therefore, it was important to create these alternate characters that allowed the models to escape themselves, embody their respective character and lose any form of self consciousness. The bleached brows, long yellowing nails and receding hairlines I owe entirely to my incredible hair, make up, nails and prosthetics team who made these transformations possible.




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