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Hip-Hop/New Style famous dancers, choreographers and models, the French twins « Lil Beast » (Laurent) and « Ca Blaze » (Larry), known as « Les Twins », are the most talented one of their generation..

« I never think dance, I’m a dancer, I’m an artist » or « I dance because I’ve been gifted by god », the Twins told us when we asked about their art. Under the lens of Felix Cooper, who shooted the Fall Winter 15/16 campaign, the duo proved their words while doing some steps. From the street to the dance studio, taking the subway, we understand throughout this movie that dance is a gift of God for them.

This short movie is a chance to show the collection ELEVENPARIS x LES TWINS.
Laurent and Larry spent many days with the crew creating their first ready-made collection : a bomber jacket, a shirt, a cap and some graphic T-shirts. This meeting gives birth to a collection in their own style.

« We wanted clothes in which you feel comfortable and above all in which we could dance! » they both explained. When we watch the film, we can say that it’s a successful bet.

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