NO ZU- Ui Yia Uia

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NO ZU are a Heat Beat band from Melbourne, Australia. They make a particularly antipodean type of percussive, boogie-influenced, mutant-dance music.

Founded in 2007 by Nicolaas Oogjes as a recording outlet for his “weird, no-wave funk” music, NO ZU has continued to evolve as both an electronic (with live percussion) solo/collaborative project, but also as a big (6/7/8 piece), live band.

Otherworldly vocals, punctuating horn parts, housey synths, deep groove basslines and Latin percussion are the ingredients that make up their art-damaged sound.

With their second album, Afterlife, due for release in early 2016, there is sure to be a long sleuth of more NO ZU to come.

Director: Danny Cohen
Art Direction: Wyatt Knowles, Danny Cohen & Nicolaas Oogjes
Cinematographer: Joel Betts
Camera Assist: Dan Dunn
Production Assistant: Gianna Mazzeo
Colour: Dan Stonehouse / Crayon
Talent: Adam Rochester, Sarah Taylor, Valerie Zahra & Rebecca Jensen
Make Up: Daphne Camf & Katelyn Stefani

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